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Our Medical Services

1A major focus of our practice is achieving an accurate and expedient diagnosis. We devote time to questioning our pet owners and listening to their answers because an accurate history is a highly valuable piece of the diagnostic puzzle. An equally important factor is a head to toe thorough and detailed physical exam which will be performed after the history is obtained. With this information, appropriate discriminating diagnostic tests are then completed.

Our mission is to acquire a definitive diagnosis coupled with specific targeted evidence based therapy which will lead to cure or control the disease process. Our veterinarians consult with each other, veterinary specialists, and the latest academic research to ensure that your pet is treated with the latest advances in medical care. One important element that we focus on is educating our pet owners on the disease process and the treatment to ensure that your pet not only receives the best care from us, but from you as well.

2Senior Wellness
Senior wellness programs begin after your pet turns eight years old. Since our pet’s average lifespan is around 15 years, compared to our 75 years, they age much more rapidly, making the wellness visits extremely important in early detection of disease processes and aging issues. Our senior patients receive a screening program that combines a through history and a head to toe physical exam with blood chemistry values. Our purpose is to help you make health care decisions that will improve your pet’s quality and length of life.


Puppy and Kitten ExamsDr. Hansche exam
Puppies and kittens receive a series of exams from 6 weeks to 16 weeks of age. We evaluate and discuss with you preventative medical care, congenital diseases, development, and behavior as well as tailor a vaccine program specific to your pet. By accessing all of these things at each visit, we provide you with information and techniques that lead to a healthy, well trained and socialized puppy or kitten.


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